PDF Annotation - Ability to edit text that is highlighted in PDF + OCR function

Suggested Feature: The ability to edit the text that has been highlighted in the PDF. Additionally, have an OCR function to recognize text (similar to MarginNote 3: https://forum.marginnote.com/t/v3-6-update-news-this-time-enjoy-taking-handwritten-notes/1085 )

Usage Case: Often I have cases where text embedded PDFs are incorrect. Or the layout of text makes it impossible to highlight the quoted text in the one quote- such as the quote going on the next page. Since I am using the text of the PDF for my RemNote database, I would like to be able to manually edit the text that is highlighted. In addition, I would like RemNote to be able to OCR PDFs as well.

Manually editing the text is available I think. If you right click the highlight, then you would be able to click on ‘Open rem as a document’. After done that, you will see a new page opened with your highlight as title in which you can edit the highlighted content.

Besides that, I do agree that OCR should be better!

I’m not sure I got it, but have you considered aliases? You can just add an alias to the PDF reference in the same way you do with any reference.

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He’s right aliases can help you with what you want.

Thanks for your tip @blablagang and for follow up @helado.

I’m only just a beginner to RemNote and I am just getting used to the specialist terms and using the tools.

The tip to offer to use an alias is a good workaround. Thank you so much!

However, it seems to be a lot of extra work for a simple task. If you get the chance to use Margin Note 3, you may get an idea of how simple it can be to correct the text from a PDF. So, my request stands, as does my request for OCR.

I look forward to learning more from you and others in this friendly community! :slight_smile:


I had a little more time to work with the alias function today. I think that it is best to have what is highlighted in the PDF and what RemNote reproduces text as the same. So having the ability to correct the text and using this as the original would be useful.

Using the alias for this confused me partly because when I wanted to make comments on the highlighted text, the original text was shown prominently instead of the alias.

Please see what I posted here:

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