PDF Annotation of math formulas

Hello all,

I’m 60 years old, with an PhD in chemistry and will retire in a few years.
I want to refresh my physics and math. I love to read the big textbooks and want to annotate and extract the formulas to rem.

I did not find any usable PDF-reader / annotator for this task and I have checked most of them.
Any suggestions? I’m aware of the latex tool included in remote, but direct extraction from the textbook would be highly appreciated.

Do you need the extracted stuff to be LaTeX, or will an image do? If it’s the latter, try ctrl+dragging over the pdf to extract an image.

It must not be Latex, but it should be possible to edit the math formulas. An image would be the very last way to use.

Maybe it is an emotional issue. In my job I work with big data to steer the business and I hate it to get screenshots of data I need, these are dammed dead :wink:

And to be fair, I could not find PDF-App, that can export math without any additional effort


Thank you for the link. I will try it.

It would be a great enhancement for remnote to include the mathpix technology. The overall workflow would be much smoother and an outstanding USP.

Please post all feature requests on the feedback platform.

Not a solution but, in the meantime, it is possible to manually edit a text that is quoted: after pasting your formula/text, if it is broken, you can CTRL+click on the formula/text to open a portal to edit its content. There you can $$ and start rewriting your formula in the correct way.

This is not of course a solution if you are quoting many formulas… if that is the case, I would suggest going the image route.