PDF Annotation Pin doesn't open

When I’m going through my cards on the iPad using safari, I’m not able to expand all PDF annotation pins that are embedded within the card. (Some randomly work after double or triple clicking, other times it simply won’t open at all).

Does this seem to be the issue on all browsers? Have you happened to try Chrome on your iPad?

I actually don’t use RemNote at all on chrome on my iPad because the formatting is so messy! I did go and check though and the issue occurs on both chrome and safari on iPad! Thanks

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That’s unfortunate.

So to clarify,

  1. this happens only when in the queue/ flashcard mode?
  2. While in the queue none of the pins work? (although randomly they might work after few clicks) Or only some don’t work this way?
  3. Does this happen to normal PDF references as well or just Pins?
  1. Yes, queue mode
  2. Almost all don’t hover open when the curser is over top
  3. I only use pins so I’m not sure


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