PDF Documents - "View Highlights" - clicking on pin to alternate to "PDF view"

I noted that in the actual beta server, in PDF documents, in the “View Highlights” viewing, we can no longer click on the pint to alternate to “PDF view” in the exact location of the highlight. I am already missing a lot that feature! I think it should stay!

This seems like a bug to me, thanks for reporting this. Will look into this.

What is happening when you click on the pin? For me it’s not clickable at all

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For me it is also not clickable.

Right, definitely a bug, thanks for catching this!

When I click on the pin (Windows desktop) it returns me to that spot in the PDF, but annoyingly with a different zoom. I hope this is a “feature” because the only alternative is going back to the top of the highlights document to click the PDF icon, right?

Thanks for the report! This has been fixed. The PDF will also maintain its zoom level now @monotreme.