PDF Export Feature Request

It would be amazing to have a PDF export option for Rem. The layout of remnote looks good and it would be good to export notes I made into pdf for printing, etc.
Do consider it in upcoming updates if possible.

Have you tried just using print to pdf in the browser? (The desktop app has no print yet.)

If so, what would you like to have improved? Most things can be tweaked in CSS. E.g. manually setting page breaks: https://hannesfrank.github.io/remnote-library/#/scroll/com.github.hannesfrank.remnote-library.print-helper

Thanks for replying.
Yes, the print option looks fine. Hope it comes to desktop as well.
I actually meant for something like in Notion where we can export each page as pdf and the pdf is aligned properly too. This helps me to share notes I have made with my friends, etc.

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Hi everyone!

When I use the print to pdf function the browser there are two disadvantages:

  1. Layout doesn’t fit the page size (page too small unless using A0)
  2. It’s a lot of work to print each document

Therefore, I tried to export my documents and folders as html. What is nice is that the subdirectory structure is conserved. But the pictures are missing.

Is it planned to implement a “export to pdf” function in RemNote (browser or/ and desktop version)? Ideally, in the same way as the html is exported including all subdirectories such that the zip-file contains all subdirectories and one pdf for each html file.



additionally to the points Nadine mentioned I would like to add:

  1. Meta-information of the Remnote document should not be part of the printed document. I.e.: Path information, “Add Source” information, tags etc …
  2. imho the “REM dots” should be removed


Please post all feature requests on the feedback platform. This particular request already exists there.