Pdf function improvement

BTW, the pdf alongside idea is amazing. when I test out the function, 1) I can’t find a easy way to manage the function of delete a pdf upload(e.g. i may want to replace a uploaded pdf with a newer, cropped pdf better for reading) 2) the outline of pdf is detected by remnote for sure, since I can copy the outline of document, but didn’t find a way to toggle the pdf outline to better navigate the pdf location.
have anyone got a idea about these issues, Thanks in advance!

I have the same problem as yours.(accidentally replaced an uploaded file.)
The highlight function need some improvement too.

  1. It takes two click to make a highlight of other color except the default one. It is not a big problem, but make it easy is better.
  2. Once I highlighted a text, it can not be edit again(ctrl +click mode is editable). I have to delete it and redo the highlight again.
  3. On pc, the highlight is hard to see in dark mode, I cannot make sure if I choose the text I want.

If other functions of traditional pdf readers like bookmarks, thumbnail etc. could be added to remnnote, that would be great.

Currently, it takes times to open a big PDF, especially if the PDF is made from scanned pictures. Hope remnote team will make more improvements on the PDF function, it is really wonderful.