PDF highlight reference bug

When you click on a reference or pin, the page jumps to the last page read instead of the page containing the highlight. The problem goes away when you have the highlights on a separate pane, beside the PDF.

Thank you for reporting, we will investigate this further.

According to your description, this happens only when the PDF is not open while clicking on the highlight?

Yes, it’s somewhat like that. ‘Though, the issue only occurs when you interchange between the highlight and PDF view.

When you click on the pin, it takes you back to the last page read instead of the pin’s highlight:

Really hoping this gets fixed, it makes incremental reading in RemNote feel like sandpaper; there’s just so much friction with making flashcards (especially clozes) while reading a PDF—“Ouf!”

I have tried to reproduce this, and it is as you have described.
Clicking on the reference pin takes to the last read page, IF the PDF is not open already in the sidepane.
Thank you for reporting this, we will fix this as soon as we can.