PDF hightlighting: Rem is read only?


After today’s update, when I highlight a PDF and then go to the editor page for this PDF, the associated rem is read only. I cannot edit this rem. I can only click on the rem which turns to a grey highlight when the mouse moves over the rem and then zooms into the rem upon a mouse click. Still, in this zoom view, I cannot edit the rem. In this zoomed view I get the message “This Rem is read-only due to a Powerup tag.” Any ideas what’s going on? This is the first time this has ever occured.


I am also experiencing the same issue since the new update.

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@Karthikk in the discord said that there will be a quick fix for this soon


This is fixed in the latest update :slight_smile: will be pushed to Main server soon! (currently in Beta and Alpha servers) December 2021 Update - RemNote 1.5.1 (Alpha & Beta Servers)