December 2021 Update - RemNote 1.5.1 (Alpha & Beta Servers)

Hey @LLL and @Pro_Users ! :remnote:

:fire: 🪲 Hot fix Update - RemNote 1.5.1 now available for Alpha, Beta and Desktop Beta users 🪲 :fire:

Bugfixes and Polish

  • Add back rem reference and tag button to the text formatting menu.
  • Fix PDF search.
  • Make PDF highlights editable again.
  • Fix wrong font not bundled into the Desktop App.
  • Fix spellcheck and paste not replacing text.
  • Indenting a card item correctly removes the card item powerup.
  • Fix broken Anki export.
  • Clarify the sync warning in the Desktop App.
  • Fix Navigate Forward/Navigate Backward not working on the Desktop App when your windows user name has non-latin characters.
    • Thanks a2say for figuring this out!
  • Fix /Image Occlusion slash command not showing an image selector.
  • Fix an issue where pasting PDF links uploaded a PDF twice.
  • Don’t show PDF documents in the Document Table.
  • Prevent card creation in the link search popup, the Ctrl + F search and some other places.
  • Fix black background around documents in Dark Mode with Windowed Panes enabled.
  • Fix image menu of referenced images.
  • Prevent /View Hidden Children from showing internal powerup slots of formatting powerups (Highlights, Headers, Todos).
  • Fix new documents on the RemNote Clipper.
  • Fix redirection on legacy URLs between Windowed Panes and Split Panes.
  • Add Rem Reference Selected Text and Tag Selected Text shortcuts to keyboard shortcut reference.
  • Prevent not configurable keyboard shortcuts from being edited.
  • Remove excessive box shadow from live search results.

Apologies for the delay in posting Changelog!


This is amazing. Thanks for keeping us posted and for y’all works! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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The Clipper seems to be more broken now than earlier :sweat_smile:, now RemNote even refuses to load the article document in the sidepane. The wait circle spins for a minute or two and then I am served this error message.

Remnote version is 1.5.1, browser is MS Edge

Just curious, how long is 1.5.1 going to be in beta? When are you planning to push it to users?


Hey! 1.5.1 is already pushed to everyone, and now we have 1.5.2 (already pushed to regular server).

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