PDF Into Remnote "How-To"

So if I upgrade to 1.1 I could drag a pdf onto remnote and the whole thing gets turned into a REM? Is this right??? Please tell me it is…

PDFs were introduced in 1.1 (https://www.remnote.io/updates)

You must have a Pro account (paid) in order to Upload & Highlight PDFs.

This shows up if you don’t have a Pro account and you try to upload a PDF:

How to Upload a PDF

  1. If you have Pro, that pop-up doesn’t show and you can just follow those directions:
  2. Open where you want your PDF to live:
  3. Next to No Source, there is a button with an arrow pointing up. Click it.
  4. A browsing window that allows you to navigate to your file will open.
  5. navigate to and select the PDF file.
  6. Click on Open (In my example that is showing as Save because I don’t have pro right now so I’m just opening a similar looking window to show you).
  7. When you have a PDF uploaded, in RemNote, it looks like this:
  8. Click the blue text that contains the name of your PDF, it will open the PDF in MultiPane view:

Hope this Helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks Gabriela! Not quite what I was looking for but pretty sweet. In the multi-pane view can I ‘add-note’ like in web clipper?

I’m having issues with this. I have the pro account and I’m able to upload some PDF files but when I tried to upload a file (29.4 MB), the loading circle just keeps spinning and there is no indication of whether it’s just slow or not working at all. I gave it about a half hour before I refreshed the page and started working on something else. This was after I tried uploading the file on the desktop app, chrome, and safari, it didn’t work on any of them. Other posts I’ve seen say that the PDF size limit is 35 MB so it shouldn’t have stopped working for this one.

Edit: I am now getting an error message on other attempted PDF uploads.