PDF text problems

The RemNote PDF viewer seems to function differently from a normal PDF viewer, why is this?

When I copy text from my PDFs inside RemNote (or highlight and quote that highlight) they give me different text than when I copy the same passages using a normal PDF viewer.

Specifically, I often study using an iPad and I write handwritten notes in Notability. When I export those notes as PDFs, the pages look like my handwriting but PDF viewers can select the handwritten text and read/copy the OCR text that Notability associated with it all. All the other PDF viewers I’ve tried can correctly read/copy well-formed text from them except RemNote - RemNote will copy/paste the text: sometimes putting a space between every single character, and sometimes deleting all spaces, leaving absolutely no spaces between any characters whatsoever. Either way, it destroys the text.

I need to be able to put all of my handwritten and typed notes together in one place to study the way I’d like to, so it’s really important to me that RemNote’s PDF function has this behaviour corrected.

Thank you,

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