Pen tablet and onenote integration

Hello !
An integration with pen tablets from Wacom, XP-pen, etc, either directly or through integration with OneNote or Autodesk will be awesome for maths practice and diagrams in general. Pen tablets already support these apps. But if RemNote one day gains the ability to support pens/ pen tablets by itself that would be awesome.
from a pen tablet user

Onenote integration would be great for Samsung pen users since the Samsung Notes syncs with Onenote.


Hundred percent agree! I can’t imagine not using a pen for drawing out maths equations instead of typing them out with awkward formatting and slow typesetting. It’s ubiquitous for sketching out quick diagrams as well. Embedding images of these things from other apps into the RemNote Knowledge Base doesn’t work as well, and it’s much slower. As with annotations around your Rem, I think it’d be cool where you could decide to include where and when you want them to appear in your hierarchical stack of flashcards by selecting around the annotation as a block, and then making some reference to it in the bullet point syntax. I really hope they do add this in.


XP Pen ( ) seem to be the more popular alternatives to the more expensive Wacom tablets.

i have an older model XP-Pen Star 03 and it is still kinda finicky to use, only just got used to it to write and draw on oneNote recently. writing is smooooth…and with pressure…