Please disable 'swiping' flashcards feature / images turning to text

(I’ve seen similar threads and noticed a very impressive list of bug fixes with the new update but unfortunately, this feature still remains. I understand the workaround is to use a mouse, but this is not too helpful when you’re on a bus etc. So I thought’s I’d just re-iterate it.)

When trying to scroll to see the answer from a flashcard on a mobile or tablet device it continues to action a confidence level response. You cannot scroll to see your answer. It’s like swiping left or right on tinder based on their name and not being allowed to scroll down to see their picture… even though you know it’s there.

This plus if you click on an image it instantly turns it into text. Kind of like that skittles advert… where someone passes you just what you wanted and then it all turns to something useless (unless you really like skittles).

I otherwise think this programme is the bee’s knees.