Please fill this user survey

Hey everyone :slight_smile:
Need a little of your time for some feedback. Please take two minutes to fill this survey up, it would help a lot with our future initiatives for the community.
Link here :point_right:

P.S. Sorry this is not an update announcement :eyes: It’s coming soon :eyes:


Filled! Hope the community will participate and also give them feedback.


Please launch the new version as soon as possible, as I’m about to give up the program. There’s a lot of bug! This is bothering me so much!

  • My images are breaking all the time.

  • When I select a text, select the entire paragraph

  • When I select a paragraph, the first and last letter do not select

  • The option to delete all your REMs doesn’t work right because it had 27,000. I asked you to delete everything, and there’s still 4, 000 left that’s somewhere on the show.

And several others that I will begin to write down so as not to forget and come here ask for the correction.


The survey is closed.


Yes, we received a substantial amount of responses and hence we closed it :slight_smile:
This survey was for a few specific intiatives that we have in the plans, nothing to do with the product :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that you are considering leaving the program.

We have managed to fix tons of bugs and also changed a lot of the core structure that lead to some undesired complications. Hope you stay long enough to try the new update :slight_smile:

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