Please give the ability to make the Clipper always open :)

Hi, I’m relatively new to using RemNote, and I’m loving it! Thanks so much :smiley:

I’ve now installed the RemNote Clipper browser extension and I’m finding a great use for it beyond its original intention!

Aside from making highlights or annotations on web pages, I’m loving simply having my RemNote in-browser, at the side of my screen for anything at any time, without changing applications or tabs.

Could you please give the option to somehow pin it so that it’s always there?

Currently, I have to open the Clipper in every new tab, and it automatically creates new entries in RemNote to store potential forthcoming links - but that can be unwanted if I’m opening it just to use my RemNote to make normal notes, or read something.

The panel doesn’t always need to be open though - it could be ‘pinned’ with the panel collapsed and just the menu buttons showing, for when you want to open it. A setting where every new tab came with my RemNote ready to go would be wonderful :smiley:

Thanks for your time,

Google Chrome does offer the option to Pin Extensions: Other browsers may allow you to do the same.

Speaking of Pins. While you can always add to your Browser’s Favourites Bar, you can also Pin Website Tabs (right-click them the Tab → Pin).
This works even better paired with your Browser Settings:

The Tab will remain pinned (and give you extra room in the Tab Bar) if you always close the window it’s in last.
Alternatively, you can use the Open a specific page or set of pages.
RemNote remembers where you left off, provided there’s nothing directing it to a specific path (so make sure there’s nothing after

That’s the intended use. It is meant to Clip things from the web. However:

You can always use Ctrl + Shift + M [Set New Parent (Move)] to move stuff out of the Links Document, without opening RemNote.
You can also Open Quick Add (Ctrl + `) while the Side Document is active, Change the Parent to whichever document or Rem you want instead of the Thought Queue, and add stuff there.

Hope this helps. :upside_down_face:

:thinking: Now you got me curious about how far the Clipper can be pushed. :sweat_smile:

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Wow, thanks for taking the time to give all that information :smiley:

And thanks for the keyboard shortcuts I didn’t know :smiley:

However, rather than pinning the extension button, it’s the actual Clipper RemNote window that I want to always have there - in every new tab, whenever I’m using my browser.

I want to use RemNote as a constant in-browser companion for my thoughts, and I think the Clipper window could be perfect for the kind of quick-access I want. I structure most of my notes around my Daily Document, so I’d like to use the Clipper window without having to open it, wait for it to make a Rem I don’t need, delete that Rem, then navigate to my Daily Document (or wherever I’d like)…


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