Portal can no longer be part of the card answer after the 1.4 update

I used to using portals as the card answer. But, all these card are messed up after updating to the 1.4 version.


Thanks for reporting this, I can confirm that it doesn’t work anymore and we will work on it.


Can you share a screenshot of such a card in the editor, please? (This was likely unintended behavior originally, but we can check if there’s a way to maintain it)

If I copy a portal to the card, the card will disappear

I have also used portals as “answers” on the back side of the card a lot before. It’s a very crucial feature for me, albeit originally unintended :sweat_smile:

Here’s a screenshot of what this looks like in the editor in 1.4:

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Same here, please fix. To be more specifically, the answer which is a portal shows up directly without clicking ‘Show Answer’. Clicking ‘Show Answer’ shows the next card, without showing any option for the current card.


I’ve run into the same issue on my end.
My intended workflow:

  • Create Rems in a document as I extract and summarize information (ongoing)
  • Create a “Study Guide” or Questions document to put the knowledge in context for a test, exam, course syntax, etc.,
  • Create questions with portals to specific summarized content as the answers; utilizing a Basic Card in this case in the “Study Guide / Questions” document

Expectation: See the flashcard come up with the question of the basic card, click Show Answer and have the content from the Portal appear

Current Outcome: running into the same issue described by @Tom_P RE: flashcard shows the portal by default and “Show Answer” button shows the next card


A snippet of the Rem the portal is pulling from is below


Got the same problem :frowning:


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You have to select the portal (by placing your cursor on the first line in the portal and then using the key, which should highlight the portal itself) > Ctrl/Cmd + / > Select Card Item.


Thx a bunch! Is it possible to make this the default?

No worries! :slight_smile: I don’t think so, you’d have to manually make it a card item whenever you want it to be so.

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I did not know this attributed existed @anisha Thank you!
Will be taking the time to re-create my flashcards to reference my portals again.
I also saw there was a keyboard shortcut for this which is CTRL + ALT + R (for PCs) that will set it as a card item once you select the portal, for some speed and efficiency for you fellow keyboard warriors :slight_smile: