Portals, Reference and more


I accidentally created a portal “removable prosthodontics” class in my “fixed prosthodontics” class. Now I have this odd-looking search bar highlight on the “removable prosthodontics” document. I don’t know how to fix the portal or reference situation and have been feeling like I have been going in circles with this situation. Here are some pictures of the documents and also weird references seen at the bottom of some of my notes for these classes. Let me know if you guys know how to fix this mess.

Screen Shot 2021-09-25 at 12.27.05 PM

Try focusing the rem and deleting every letter in it using backspace multiple times, that should hopefully also delete the inline search bar with the stuck input, which is what your situation looks like.


Thank you very much. I have one part of the problem solved. I just have this annoying folder reference for “removable prosthodontics” folder in my “fixed prosthodontics” document. Here are some updated pictures posted below… they both have “1” in a box next to each other, which I assume has to do with the whole “references” situation. This whole situation is probably an easy fix, I’m not that tech-savvy lol sorry for the inconvenience guys.