Portals with untagged documents

Hey there!

I’ve been using portals in my documents.
Now I create separate rems and use them as portals.
After the creation of the portal, when I search for the rem, I get directed to the portal itself and not to my rem.

I have most of my rems not as documents, because I think it is annoying to sort them all.
Do I need to tag every rem as a document, in order to find it after the setup of a portal?

I think you may be confusing how portals work - if you create anything inside an empty portal, you create it in a new empty top level rem. The portals are just a way to get at rem that are stored elsewhere. If for some reason the portal takes priority over the rem it’s pointing to, that’s a bug, so please report it using the “Report Bugs” button accessible from the ? button in the lower right of the app.

Thanks for the reply!
I have a lot of separate documents for explanation purposes.
How do you keep your documents organized in the left panel?

I don’t really - the sidebar is just a few inboxes and broadest possible categories. For more complex stuff I use the Outliner or write in a special note with a few References. The only permanent Portals for me are for stuff that truly belongs under multiple headers, the rest I clean up after, e.g., finishing integrating a book’s annotations or similar shufflings around.