Possible to create "multi-step" cards with multiple "sides"?

Hi all,

I’m trying out RemNote and liking it a lot so far. I’m coming from https://mochi.cards/ as my primary flash card app. One question I had was whether there was any way to create multi-step flashcards. Mochi has a concept where you can give a card an arbitrary number of “sides”. This can be useful if, say, you have something that involves multiple steps (like working a math or logic problem) and you want to go through the steps linearly but with break points and prompts in between the different steps. Is there some way to replicate that functionality in RemNote? Thanks :slight_smile:

Use a List card or multiple Clozes inside the same rem (see Give multilines, lists, and sets options to show their children in random order, one by one, or hide all, show one. Also have individual schedules for each child. | RemNote). See also