Practise All Rem in this Document

Hi guys, I am having some problems trying to practise rem in a particular document. Whether I click practice with or without spaced repetition there still ends up being zero rem in the queue. I am worried that these rem are also not appear in the global queue. Any tips or advice would welcomed.

I tried sharing the document but it just hung for a few minutes. I can take some screenshots and post them if you need more information about the rem that are in the document.


This sounds like a bug. It should work like you described.

Are you sure that the Remin question are enabled?

Here are 2 things you can use to troubleshoot this problem:

  • You can look at all your cards at and see if they are enabled.
  • You can type /meta on a individual rem to inspect its metadata.
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Thanks both of these tips were useful.

Here is what the rem looks like

And here is it’s metadata in case anything jumps. I am totally new to this so may have done something strange.

Sorry for all the posts just trying to give as much data possible. I see a large number of cards where active is unchecked. Is that usual?

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This looks like a known bug as @hannesfrank mentioned earlier. The bug report is Some symptoms of this issue are

  1. When you open the /meta of a card for which practice is enabled, you will see next practice as a past time (like xyz mins or days ago)
  2. If you open you will see those cards are unchecked under the ACTIVE column

To bring those rems back to the queue, either you will have to check the ACTIVE checkbox or you will have to make an edit to that rem manual. I am hoping that this issue gets resolved soon

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I have the same issue.

Do you guys know, what causes this issue and how to avoid it in the first place?

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