Pro feature acess

I’m one of the early users and I don’t have pro account, even though i can generate an image occlusion, how could this be possible, please tell me guys that this feature is opened for me because I am an early user :cowboy_hat_face::rofl::joy:

Image occlusion would be available to you if you were an early adopter
Basically you would have been grandfathered in for certain features that were available before the pro plan rolled out (presuming by early adopter you mean you had account before pro plan)

Would you be so kind and tell me what else can be available for me, and one more thing I want to tell you, i can also generate image occlusion not just seeing what i have made before

You will be able to see image occlusion if you’re grandfathered

To find features for grandfathered users go to your app > tutorials > FAQ > search for grandfathered features

Why can i get the image occlusion feature in my account even though i don’t have a pro account , but i have downloaded and used remnote from like a 6 months (very old user)