Pro or Life-long: cloud / KB synch difference?

Hi eveyone,

I’m trying to understand the difference between the Pro and Life-long version.

The thing that I don’t understand from the web site is with Life-Long license, you get “Cloud Storage for 5 Years”

Q: Does this mean if I get the Pro version I don’t get Cloud Storage. If I don’t have Cloud Storage does this mean I can’t use RemNote and synch between multiple devices?

The goal I’m aiming at is the ability to use all features and have data synchronise between all devices.

Note: I have OneDrive for data backup.



You get Cloud storage in Pro as long as you pay monthly.

In Life-Long, cloud storage is just for 5 years.

Free plan also includes Cloud Storage.

As far as I know, no limits for any of the plans (except for a 5MB per file).
But I’m not sure if this also applies to Free (it seems that yes).

can this be cleared up, since if the free plan has cloud storage then what are life long users paying for in terms of cloud for 5 years?