Pro users Alert: Aliases, PDFs, images all LOST after Re-importing Backup json file to Remnote

I’m using window desktop app, local only knowledge base. Remnote Pro user.
After re-importing the backup jason file to my knowledge base, here’s the results:

  1. All aliases are lost.
    The link remained, but all the alias names that I made to the rem references are lost.
    e.g. There are tree dog. (In this sentence “dog” is a reference linked to the rem “dog”, but should be displayed as “dogs” through alias name of “dog”.)

  2. All the images (pasted in remnote) are lost. This also leads to the dysfunction of image occlusion cards made from these images.

  3. PDF Annotation dysfunction:

  • 3.1 All PDF files are lost.
  • 3.2 All image annotation made through “click+drag” are lost.
  • 3.3 Text annotation remained, but due to lost of pdf files, the core feature of “click and jump back to original position in pdf” no longer works.
  • So this means what still left to me is a list of text, this has no difference compared to that if I read pdf in free pdf reader software and copy and paste the annotation to a txt file.

Customer complain: I don’t know it’s a bug or imcomplete of the software design, to be honest I couldn’t understand why the backup file of remnote can not be completely restored into remnote ITSELF, especially for Alias and PDF annotation features, which remnote is paid mainly because of that two important features. I can’t say I’m not disappointed as a consumer right now. I‘m glad that I found this problem early, but what if pro users found this problem when they really need to restore thier knowledge base due to technical problem after tons of aliases and pdf annotations are made in remnote? What will they feel? What’s now the use of daily backup for local knowledge base? I can’t depend on God bless that my computer won’t break down so I don’t need to restore my data from the current “backup file”. I will avoid using aliases and pdf annotation in remnote until this problem fixed. It seems like the free features now are more reliable.
P.S. : Pro users should be informed clearly that alias and pdf annotation can not be completely backed up when using local only knowledge base, datas can only be backed up through online database.

Nevertheless, if someone know how to completely restore all the aliases and pdf annotations, please let me know. Thanks a lot!

May be try this one:
As the images are stored locally go to the folder in which you saved your remnote data and you can find two files like this

Simply cut and paste the files folder in the same folder again.
This worked for me

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Thanks for you hint! The import procedure only asks me to import the jason file, so I didn’t pay attention to that “file” folder. I pasted the “file” document to the new knowledge base and the images showed up. This also saved the image occlusion cards and image annotation in pdf. Thanks!

But the aliases are still missing. And the pdf and annotation works buggy after being re-imported. Maybe a new bug report is needed.


The JSON import should now properly import PDF annotations & aliases. We’ll look at cleaner messaging around backing up files, or including this in the full raw data option as well. Thanks!

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Thank you very much for this notification, Martin! I really appreciate your team’s hard work and effort to make remnote better and better. This improvement really made my day because I’m doing literature review in remnote and therefore annotation restoration is so important. I’ve tried it and the annotation links work just as smooth as they should be. Thanks a lot!

Alias are still missing after json re-importing (on my desktop app), leaving "2 unfilled slot " at the right side of the original rem, maybe this issue should be checked again. But I’m not that worried about this issue right now as I have found a note structure to temporarily substitute the alias function.

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