Progressive web app not working

I installed the pwa of remnote … but works like a browser tab … when I open the pwa offline it doesn’t reload automatically the tab … and shows me the “there is no internet connexion”
:slight_smile: what’s the point of pwa … or am I using it wrongly ?

If you open the PWA while online, then go offline, it should still work, just not sync. If you want to be able to operate fully offline, use the desktop app (which is distinct from the PWA) and a local database.

I did it … I open it while online then go offline and after few minutes it suddenly show me the “there is no internet connexion” … btw i’m using it on my phone bacause the remnote app isn’t working for me (it has a compatibility problem with the ver of android i have or smth)

It should sync correctly when the connection is restored, but using the web app online whenever possible is the safest way to go. In case you do run into any sync issues, contact support using the “Contact Support” button accessible from the ? button in the lower right of the app.

I don’t think you got my problem,

(1) We have a normal tab which can’t “RELOAD” after going offline
(2) And there is a PAW tab whic can “RELOAD” after being closed and after going offline (I know the fact that we need to load it first being online before that)

And my problem is that the PAW tab (2) is behaving like the normal tab (1)

To be honest, I have no idea where the PWA currently fits in - as far as I know, the web version and the desktop version are currently the only non-beta/alpha versions of RemNote. Perhaps support can shed some light on whether you are experiencing a bug or simply the result of the PWA not being updated to work properly with the sync backend changes.

Alright! thank you for your time, I will try to contact support to get more info about it.