Public roadmap for RemNote

To my surprise, haven’t found this request on here yet. It would be pretty useful to know what features to expect and maybe even have an influence on what should come next. Not sure about that last part because I don’t want minorities (I’m likely one with less popular requests myself) to basically have no chance at getting their desired feature. Main reason why I’m asking is because there are some key features that I’m waiting on and with a public roadmap, I don’t have to check RemNote every time a new update arrives only to see that it’s not been added yet

Agree this would be a good thing.

No votes left to give though :stuck_out_tongue:


Could you please say something about this @Martin? It would be very good if we know what is being worked on and what is being seriously considered.


Definitely a good idea. I’d feel more safe if I knew what’s planned and what’s not. @Martin @mattygrov

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idem… :frowning:

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Just a bump on this (for others that like me didn’t have votes to give first time around).

Bug reports work well in Github (team replies to them, and tags for priority).

But we don’t have the same for feature requests. No way to know which features are being worked on first/next and (just as important) if they are going to be Pro-only.

As you can tell by the many votes in this feature request, this is something that the community would greatly appreciate.


Perhaps use something like? People can vote and actually see what’s being prioritized to work on next.

Example of upcoming features or Public Roadmap


What a simple and effective roadmap looks like:


@Martin @Karthikk :eyes: i think it’s a really good idea

@Martin @mattygrov, I would like an assurance of commitment to the SRS functionality and the acknowledgment of the inevitable challenges and needs of dealing with a large number of cards. These challenges and needs include leaches, ease hell, the need to see and modify SRS meta data associated with a card, and the need to occasionally reset a card.

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You may see card metadata by typing /meta inside the rem. You may reset a card by either forcing a practice session and then hitting “again” for a partial reset or ctrl+a to select all card text, then copy and paste into a new rem. The “again” method will maintain some ease on the card, while the copy-paste one creates a completely new card. Here’s a table from metadata to get an idea of the ease maintained. (Thanks for pointing out that some ease is maintained, @roon11 !)

The broader card management issues may be discussed here Card browser, preview and filter.