Random Rem browser extension

Hello! This weekend I created the browser extension Random Rem. It allows quickly open a random document from your Daily Documents. Any feedback would be appreciated. Sources of the extension ekaragodin/random-rem (github.com).


I found a bug, can you fix the url?
The link is created by extention is not match with the link of Public Server…

It’s interesting! In my account all links like /document/<id> redirect to /d/<id>. Since links with document also work I will use them for opening. Thank you for the report!

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Test with My Main Account with Pro Plan => I can use both /d/<id> and /document/<id>

The screenshot I gave you is on my minor account(HayHoc) which never paid for an Pro Plan… (It has grandfathered access to all pre-RemNote 1.1 features too.). This minor Account just run with /document/<id>

The version with fixed URLs has been published.

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It rolls a Document without #Daily Document tag

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Good catch! The fixed version has been published. Thank you!

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