References and tags showing up unexpectedly in flashcard practice screen

I often see references and tags showing up unexpectedly in the flashcard practices screen.

I think this is a particularly bad issue as it spoils the practice because you can see the response on the screen before you recall it yourself.

See the screenshot for an example:

I’ve seen this problem from the beginning. It occurs only for a small percentage of flashcards. I’m using desktop macOS app version 1.5.2.

It’s a problem on the web version too.

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:thinking: This card is supposed to have two elements:
- Pinyin
- Translation


:thinking: What happens here is that, apparently, it gets the list from its reference.

:thinking: Thing is: it happens as long as the dropdown Referenc menu is open. But, as soon as you close it, it disappears and I get only the list I am supposed to get.

:thinking: If I re-open the dropdown menu, BOOM, the same problem presents itself once again.

It still happens in the latest 1.7.5 release. I see this in almost every flashcard practice session.

I think this is a serious issue affecting the key feature. Are you planning to fix it?