References aren't working as in the video on YouTube

I followed your instructions in the YouTube video exactly, but I’m not seeing the same results in RemNote. I created a reference and made a flashcard out of it. When I created another reference to the same term and hovered the mouse over it, the only thing I see is the name of the reference and “#Stub.” In the video when you hovered over it, the back side of the flashcard displayed as well as the children. Did they change the way reference work since the video was published? What does “Stub” mean? Also, when I make the Rem a flashcard, an “x” appears on its right. What does that mean? Thanks.

I am guessing that, the second time, instead of creating a reference to an existing rem you might have created another new rem. That could be the reason why you see Stub tag. To create a reference to an existing rem, one way is as follows


Here are the answers to your other questions.