Rem Cluster - a group of rems that can be reviewed together in sequential order

It will be helpful, i really need this function


Remnote team,

I Prepare hierarchical Questionnaire like Mentioned below.

So 6 individual Questions => Reduced to 1 hierarchical question, then i use multi rem card for reviewing, but unable to see the child rems while reviewing Rems in Queue


Unable to expand below rems in queue except by peeking it into document which is inefficient all the time.

Any way around

  1. to See all child rems in queue itself,

Current Method used: Make all child rems as multi rem queue and disabling it, until reaching Parent Rem from child rems

So the feature request be like : Multi Level List /Line Queue => To make child rems also as Multi Level list/line queue.

Thank you


If any one thinksTopic name doesn’t match with its description pls do changes in topic name

This is what I was going to suggest. I think our brain doesn’t only behave like 1rem question to answer but 2 to 1, 5 to 3 sort of things. This is a good point! :smiley:

Of course, You can make those questions to 1rem question. but the way is very time consuming and requires burdensome work and even not perfect.

It has many advantages

  1. It Reduces the no of questions in queue, and Giving all the contextual questions to be revised at once , they serve as a clue to next question. :grinning: (Connecting Ideas)

  2. If any full article is important, the only way to review the article in whole is by making questions(which is meaning less, ROI is Poor) or Peek ACD, as still no reminder(Reminder with Spaced Repetition= Awesome feature) option is available yet in remnote.

So as a Learner there are some information to be

  1. Digested or Internalised (Where Return on Investment (ROI) is very High => like probable questions in Exam) => Making Individual question Rems
  2. Only to be Reviewed (ROI is Less, Not so probable questions in Exam, but it needs to be reviewed)

hope this :point_up_2: will resonate with others as well.

This feature will serve both as a reminder for whole connected Parent and Child rems.

The sole reason for coming to Remnote is : Notes with Spaced Repetition (for Individual Rem :+1: but for Whole Article(Parent and child rem : :-1: )

Reminder with Spaced Repetition= will be Awesome feature to give option for the user to choose like

  1. Review at Specific date
  2. Review at periodic intervals (Spaced Repetition)

Thank You


yes, but if we could review the cards in order initially, it would help with learning how the information is organized. thus, in a way we would be facilitating the memorizing the content initially, and spaced repetition could be applied later on, once we are adept with the flow of the information

I personally am not a fan of using the algorithm for the order or for when to re-attempt my flash cards.
I write my flashcards in groups and tend to do them as I see fit, have time, when the exam is close etc, by clicking on practice - all of these rem.

Currently you can practice the flashcards like I suggested, I just have some recommended improvements. The random is only pseudo random, as its the same random every time. I would like to see this become proper random.
Also, as-well as a true random, I would also like to be able to practice my flash cards in the order they have been written.



For full randomness settings-queue- turn all these off, then it will only consider practice time.

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thank you,
is there also a way to be able to do all the flash card in the order they have been written?

You are replying to a feature request for that feature, however, there is a workaround:

I do like to use List cards if there are 3-4 things I need to remember in chronological order. but not for an entire collection.

when I write flash cards I like to utilise headers and subheaders and have questions nested under each.
plus I would enjoy the ability of being able to switch between random and chronological order.

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You can include nested flashcard in your flashcards as well

appreciate your help, truly glad I am able to do proper random now.

this is how i write my fc’s

  • Header
    • q1:: a1
      • Subheader
        • image occlusion card
        • cloze card
          • q2:: a2
          • q3:: a3
      • Subheader 2
        • q4:: a4

if questions are nested they give context to the next.
I personally still feel the work around to do top to bottom is a bit finicky and will leave that as my suggested feature request :slight_smile:

thank you for your help.



I also believe there should be a way to have flashcards and cloze cards show up in the order they are written within a rem


That’s entirely up to the card’s individual schedules - whichever ones your practice more (and hit “easy” on more often) will show up later and later. Of course, you can merge multiple clozes once you feel you know their constituent parts well enough.

If we can have “Practice Rem>Practice all cards>Chronological order/ Random” would be great.


I understand that randomizing the cards is better for memorization, but that’s only if you already have memorized the content and the term doesn’t depend on another term .it makes no sense to study a rem that has a term that requires a previous rem to be memorized first,therefore I’d like the option to memorize Rems in the order they’re written in the document.


Possibility to choose between flashcards displaying a group of Rem/Child Rem’s in the same order as they appear in the Rem notepad, or shuffle. As for now they only appear in shuffle.


This seems to no longer works in the new version. We would be thankful if you could update the css block for the new version. (Or is it just me implementing it wrongly…)

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