Rem Custom Scheduler

i have a few issues in the custom scheduler

  1. in the AnkiSm2 scheduler, when it is in the learning phase, initially a rem has options: immediate, 24 hours, 24 hours, 4 days. when I pressed “Again” , after a few minutes I encountered the same Rem with options , immediate, 48 hours, 48 hours, 4 days. the 24 hours option is gone and I think its a problem when Im trying to memorize the hard ones because it upgrades the time options when I pressed the Again button.
  2. when in learning phase, i think its better the Rem go back to 1st stage (in learning phase, ie, its learning phase is scheduled for 1,2. (1 day-first stage, 2 days- second stage)) when “Again” is clicked.
  3. the custom scheduler on the mobile application is not synchronized in the web version.