Rem Search doesn't navigate to destination Rem properly

I have my class notes in a single document, with all prior units folded so that it’s more navigable. Whenever I wanted to search for a rem in previous units, selecting a search result navigates to the main document (and not the result rem itself) and does not automatically unfold to where the deeply nested rem is located.

I have been experiencing this lately also. It makes it cumbersome to get to the desired destination for sure. Is anyone else experiencing this?

When the search doesn’t take me to the desired nested rem, I have to add an additional step, which is to use the search and filter function

I don’t recall this being a problem before. I am not sure if it is a new development


There’s actually been quite a few people in the discord facing this issue recently. One solution I’ve found is that if search doesn’t take you to the exact rem, press ctrl+p again and what you were looking for will be the most recent result. Click on it & it works.

I’ve shared this to the discord so hopefully this post will get some more votes & we can get the devs’ attention.


When I search for this Rem in the Omnibox:

and if the target document’s Rems are already expanded, then the target Rem “Systems such as Zookeeper …” is highlighted:

But if the target document’s Rems are collapsed, the search fails to expand the Rems so as to reveal the target Rem:

This is only happening in this one folder I’ve recently been working on. It is quite a large folder — is that why? Generally Remnote always expands Rems down to the target Rem. I’m worried there’s some data corruption and I might lose all my data :frowning:

The interesting thing is that if I turn the parent Rem (“Service Discovery”) of the target Rem into a document, the expansion works. Why? What are the rules here? Should I just make all my Rems documents to enable deep searching? Are documents perhaps indexed but plain Rems are not?


Im having issues when trying to opem rems trought search, I still can find them but in the search list but when I click I just wont direct me to it, it just goes to the document itself, but not the rem. When talking about some small documents it works alright, but in bigger ones it just wont, how to fix that?
I have 16gb ram and nvme ssd so that should not be an issue i guess
I recorded my screen to show whats happening :

YES, I’ve been experiencing this as well. if the rem I’m searching for is within a folded parent, it won’t navigate directly to it but to the highest point in the hierarchy. Annoying.

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Updates on this would be appreciated; real point of friction when navigating between Rem


Facing the same issue. Don’t know if there’s any workaround for this. It’s really annoying


Link does not proceed to the supposed link if the Rem is hidden: is this a natural occurence? Thanks.

Hey everyone! Apologies for not getting back earlier! This bug has been identified and fixed internally, the next release should contain the fix for everyone who’s experiencing this one!


Just in case, the bug covers also the linking of the “Tags”.
Hope to hear your update.

@Karthikk the new update still didn’t fix the issue for me