Remnants of search portal persist after clicking the X button (after sorted by creation time)

  1. I added a search portal via the right side of the rem.


  1. The search portal is expanded and listed below the rem as usual.

  1. I then sorted the results by creation time.

  2. Now after I clicked the X button on the right to close the portal, the portal box disappeared but it leaves behind a trail of results from the portal itself.

You should be able to reproduce this by following the steps above as I repeated it no. of times without fail. I have no idea how I can get rid of them without deleting the rems within the results so I hope there can be a fix for this soon.

On the non-beta desktop app, these trails are manifested as individual portals of each result.

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@Karthikk Does this need to go up on github? I saw that this bug introduced from beta 1.3.7 is not yet fixed in the latest stable release of 1.3.7.

@marcothesis apologies, this somehow slipped through us. We will work on this asap, no need to port it.

@Karthikk Have this been fixed? The ‘trail of results from the portal’ is still there and I have no way to get rid of them now since both desktop and web are all updated to the same state.

CC: @Martin

We haven’t had anyone else report this since then, we will look into this right away. Thank you for getting back.

@Karthikk I hope you meant it this time as it has been a niggling bug from beta 2 months ago.

I have DM’ed you :slight_smile: .