RemNote appreciation thread 🏆

Although RemNote is already one of my favourite tools, I tend to just post bug reports and feature requests here. I figure this is the same for most of you. So I thought I’d make an appreciation thread, just to say how awesome this app is. It has already drastically changed how I organize myself. Even the new logo, which I initially didn’t like much, has really grown on me (pun intended).

It won’t be long until googling “remote” prompts Google to ask if you mean “remnote”!


Initially coming as an Anki user, the edit later is one of the bigger features that changed how I create/edit flashcards. I feel like templates in general have a lot of potential in making high impact cards fast. I was surprised at how well rem referencing was for connecting ideas in Gen Chem. I’m glad I can take notes and instantly quiz myself on said notes. I feel like I’ve been saving time on studying but still getting the results I’m aiming for, and I’m very glad to have found this app when I did.

:blush: That felt nice. Thanks @ognsya!


Cool! Thanks for that :metal:

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Hehe, yes… I agree, I am a bit disappointed that my (German) RemNote videos are hard to find, because YouTube displays too many “remote” results. I hope it will change very soon :slight_smile:

I also appreciate RemNote very much :slight_smile: It changed how I learn and how I work through courses. Now I always have one window on the left with a course video and one video on the right with RemNote, taking notes and flashcards. :slight_smile: Love it!


Ah you do the German tutorial videos!
I wish they had English subtitles…

I know it’s a pain to add subtitles, but I guess they’d probably increase the likelihood of youtube realizing that “Remnote” is a word :smiley:


Randomly came across this, Thank you guys @ognsya @ODKhub @erikhaze . Feels really good to read this topic :slight_smile:

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Being an Anki user for about six years, I’ve long discovered the power of Active Recall and Spaced Repetition. But when reviewing my cards, I very often faced what Piotr Wozniak, that invented SuperMemo, said to be the greatest threat to learning and the greatest cause of forgetting: the interference. In his words:

When you learn about similar things you often confuse them. (…) You can often remember an item for years with straight excellent grades until … you memorize another item that makes it nearly impossible to remember either! (…) Interference is probably the single greatest cause of forgetting in collections of an experienced user of SuperMemo. You can never be sure when it strikes, and the only hermetic procedure against it is to detect and eliminate. In other words, in many cases it may be impossible to predict interference at the moment of formulating knowledge.

Dealing with it in Anki was difficult. When I suddenly discovered a relation between two things I have studied, I usually tried to fill extra fields with the content of both materials, showing the relations. This often would require finding and altering many cards (“notes” in Anki) that were related to those interfering topics. There were no flexibility, no backlinks, no common source for the different cards.

In RemNote, I can easily do these links with its powerful backlinking features. I also have, besides the flashcards (the most important thing, no doubt about that), an structured summary of the whole content, making it easy to see the “big picture”, and to call on it when, while doing my queue, I realize this “big picture” is not bold anymore in my mind.

So, I’m very thankful to RemNote authors and team, as I will be always very very thankful to Damien Elmes and the awesome Anki. I expect RemNote to be much more and nothing less than Anki. Of course, as a very mature program, Anki is absolutely stable and trustworthy, and you don’t need to have any concern at all regarding the integrity of your knoledge base and schedule. I’m pretty sure RemNote will soon be this stable and trustworthy regarding the schedule, and also provide features as powerful as in Anki for enhancing the management of your knoledge base and schedule, like scheduler customizations, meaningfull statistics, searches based upon your actions in the queue (Rems or cards rated in the last x days; forgot x times; state - unseen, rated more than x times…), etc.