Remnote "coaches"

Hi everyone,

Would any of the remnote experts among you be interest in doing “coaching sessions” ? :slight_smile:
(paid of course… not pro bono)

If that does not go against the community guidelines, may be they could post their hourly rates here…

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If you are interested, I already do coaching in both SuperMemo 18 and Remnote. Hit me, my email is
I also have references to show for my tutoring activity
Hourly rate is 25 euro/h

What exactly do you mean with coaching?

What I had in mind:

Online live sessions where expert / advanced remnote users could review a noob’s remnote knowledge base and share best practices, tips & tricks…

Why ?

My experience so far is that Remnote is awesome but, on top of a somewhat steep learning curve, also has its quirks, which, in my case at least resulted in quite a lot of time lost (invested?) in re-writing / re-structuring rems afterwards because the remnote reviewing process does not unfold as I though it would (What does makes sense to me visually when drilling up and down the hierarchy, does not really make sense / is not optimal when reviewing with spaced-repetitions… )

You may be interested in attending a community call (Community Call Alert 📣), which are pro bono.

Indeed ! Very nice initiative :slight_smile:

I would be happy to assist you Pro Bono, if you are ok with jumping on a call in the Discord server, which means other’s could benefit as well, if interested.

Otherwise, I could point you in the way of some of the seasoned users that I am aware of, if you could tell me which parts of RemNote do you need help with. Are you using RemNote for SRS mainly, or as a PKM?

Hi @Karthikk
Thanks a lot for the offer ! That would be really cool and helpful.
Let me know when that would be possible :slight_smile:


I would need you to answer this to determine if I would be the useful, I don’t use SRS extensively ATM.

Hi Karthikk,

I actually use them for both and their seem to be, as of now, some unfortunate non-reconcilable trade-offs between those 2 uses. (at least in the way I use remnote / structure my rems)