RemNote Community Guide

The correct places for various communications are as follows:

  • If you have an issue while using RemNote, feel free to Contact Support from the lower right question mark menu. If you’re up to it, fill out a full bug report using Report Bugs from the same lower right question mark menu to allow the team to easily track the bug and request more information if needed (no private data is gathered without your knowledge and consent). If your issue prevents you from accessing the app, email support at
  • Feature Requests are on the Feature Requests board of the Feedback portal. Check whether a similar feature has already been requested by searching and vote on your favourites! Track the development progress on the Public Roadmap .
  • Feedback on existing features may be submitted using the On-demand feedback board of the Feedback portal
  • Extension developers may gather inspiration and discuss RemNote’s technical internals with fellow engineers in the Extension Development forum category and/or extension-development discord channel.
  • All other discussion, including learning the app, workflow sharing (field-specific or general), and off-topic resides on the Forum and on the Discord server .

No community is complete without moderators, and we are happy to announce that we are opening applications for moderator positions! Any active user in good standing who wishes to moderate the forum and/or the discord server need only whisper Karthikk Vijay on Discord, who’ll take it from there. Moderators get RemNote Pro free of charge in recognition of their contribution to the RemNote community!