RemNote Community Survey - October 2021

Hey Everyone :remnote: !

Hope you are all enjoying the new update. As we are getting back to our normal update schedule, we would like to gather some feedback from the community that could help us plan our next steps.

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey, the previous one helped us understand that the majority of the users would benefit from major UI and UX changes, which then resulted in the complete redesigning of the app.

:star2: :star2:

We appreciate your time and your honest feedback - thank you!

P.S. A lucky winner gets a $25 Amazon gift card from us :star_struck:


Good survey! I appreciate the thought that went into it.

One aspect of RemNote that was not covered too well in the survey, in my opinion, was interoperability:

  • Import
  • Export
  • Integration with other web-based tools (e.g., Readwise)
  • Integration with local tools (e.g., Shortcuts on macOS/iOS)
  • Quick capture
  • Conformity to Markdown conventions

Perhaps that aspect could be covered in a future survey?


It has been a month since the survey.