Remnote desktop automatically closes whenever Remnote electron is active

Hi there - This is probably not a bug but just weirdness.

I installed an electron instance of Remnote web on my Mac desktop using this App called Webcatalog. So why do this if I already have the official desktop version of Remnote? Well 2 things (1) using webcatalog, I can configure the electron app so that it has a status menu thing that I can invoke with a hotkey to quickly bring Remnote and add stuff (2) I can create a bi-directional link to another app, etc… using Hook

Problem is that whenever I have the Remnote electron running on the menu bar, launching the official Remnote app doesn’t work: it tries to launch but automatically closes. This also happens in reverse.

Ideally–until such Remnote official can do stuff mentioned above–I’d like to be able to invoke my hotkey to bring up Remnote electron from the menu bar and also have the option of using Remnote desktop without having to close the former

I know this is minor, but any help will be greatly appreciated


So interesting to know that you can actually use hooks using this workaround. How deep a link are you able to generate using this methodology?

Worth noting that there are desktop only shortcuts for focus and quick add
but they are not configurable yet: Global Shortcuts (Operating System/Desktop) have localization issues which cannot be solved by remapping · Issue #377 · remnoteio/remnote-issues · GitHub