RemNote Documentation

I’m trying to find a RemNote user guide or other documentation - NOT the features page.

In particular, I’m wanting to understand the effect of changing the document status (Pinned, History and Draft) but none of these come up in search of the features page.

I love RemNote but it really needs a user guide or documentation (unless it exists and I simply cannot find it).

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Click the lower right ? circular button, then “Help & Tutorials”, then search in the search box.

To your specific question, I have no idea where “History” came from, but “Pinned”, “Draft”, and “Finished” are possible default buckets in the document sidebar. By default, new documents are “Drafts”, but you can manually change them to appear in a different sidebar section. This behaviour may be turned off in settings-sidebar. You can also customise the sidebar to be more complicated by opening the Document SIdebar powerup from the same settings pane (“Customise Sidebar Sections”). See this thread for some inspiration.

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I don’t think the documentation is good either. I have already seen the small “question mark in the bottom right corner”. And this is what my following statement refers to: If you search for something on the help page, you get a whole bunch of search results via the search, but you don’t get a page that explains anything. For example, earlier I was looking for an explanation of what power-up REMs are and what they do for me. I then clicked on the question mark in the bottom right corner. Then entered “Power-Up Rem” in the search slot at the top. I get the following list of results, which apparently lists every REM that contains the phrase “Power-Up Rem”. By the way, the CSS of the help section is not very good. The background is completely black and the link/tag counters on the right sider overlap the greyish background of the search result box.

Which hit in the result list now contains an explanation of what a “Power-Up Rem” is? This is not recognizable. So I tried to click on one of the entries, but that doesn’t work. I can’t click a link “in”. The only thing that happens is that the mouse-over event is triggered. It then appears to all appearances a section of the corresponding rems, as a pop-up overlay. This overlay is completely “white” and doesn´t fit to my chosen dark mode. The problem is, as soon as I leave the “link” with the mouse, this pop-up overlay disappears immediately. The popup overlay contains a scroll bar on the right. Therefore, I suspect that it is actually intended that you should be able to hover the mouse over the overlay and scroll within it. But that does not work. As I said, as soon as you leave the “link” with the mouse, the overlay disappears. So … the “documentation” is absolutely not helpful.

Thanks for the detailed input A_F. I agree entirely. What is an excellent product is let down by the documentation?

Coming from a long background in IT corporate database systems I appreciate how much work (cost) a good set of documentation involves (user guide, features, workflows, etc)

Nevertheless, RemNote would be significantly enhanced but at least a basic set of features and functions guides (to build upon).

So many great features are wasted or not used due to this. Matty’s videos on YouTube are great but it shows features to fast where you cant see how they did what they are showing - they serve mainly to show you the potential of the feature/function without explaining how to fulfil this potential.

Let’s hope they bite the bullet and get a good technical writer to at least develop a solid set of base user guide documentation

The native dark mode is not quite ready for use. You should also be able to click any “Power-up” reference and zoom into it, so this is bugged.

The main issue is that the documentation was updated alongside active development, so some things had to be added quickly and others just as quickly edited out. For the moment, I’d say the official YouTube channel is your best bet if you’re looking for a comprehensive guide and the discord remnote-help or this forum’s Q&A topics for individual pieces of info.