Remnote doesn't show up in "share" on Android

Remnote clipper does not work in Android browsers (with the exception of Kiwi, a version of Chrome that can load Chrome store apps). Tapping on share in browsers however, offer the possibility to share with Evernote for instance. This does not launch the full-fledged Evernote clipper, but it does send the entire page Or selected text I believe to Evernote. Remnote does not show up in the share list. Having that feature added would be useful.

Fully agree. I’d even suggest to enable “Send to ThoughtQueue” or “Today’s Daily Note” (the best possible “inboxes” of RemNote) over the phone’s or tablet’s share function.
I have been using a similar thing for dynalist for years already and it changed literally everything. Being able to collect things in one “box” and sort it later is a massive productivity gain. Especially the possibility to very quickly sort in Rems by applying tags or using Ctrl+M makes this a very efficient workflow.

For Dynalist I use additionally Quick Dynalist that lets me specify an unlimited number of documents as inbox (Dynalist itself provides only one any more). Via Quick Dynalist I can open the input-box right by pressing a button in my phone’s menu bar, choose the inbox document by dropdown and send the note together with all tags, due date and markdown formattings into the document where it should sit. Would be quite cool to see a similar thing on RemNote somewhen, but I’m convinced that’s quite a lot of programming hassle behind it.

A simple share-to feature would be already sufficient though - and it’s simply: vital.

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