Remnote educational licence

Hi. I work in a higher institution and I think Remnote could be a great educational tool. I am trying to obtain a quote for a class licence to run an evaluation study. I’ve filled out the web form, and have not received a response. I’m wondering if there is something wrong with the form? If there is any Remnote representative on this forum, could they let me know how to contact them about this? It would certainly be a missed opportunity if I was unable to bid for funding for this project (deadline in a few days). Thanks.


Hey @Nick_Riches! Thanks for reaching out to us, I really appreciate the opportunity.

DM’ing you for more details.

Can I just check how DM-ing works within this community? Will you contact me via email?

Hey Nick!

It’s through personal messages on the forum, I believe we already have a conversation going on there?

Additionally I have fast tracked your application and you should have already received a reply from the team for your License request :slight_smile:


Hi. I can’t see any message regarding this.

here is the link

Thanks. I’ve got that. But I still haven’t received a reply with a quote for the student licences. N

Kindly check your spam inbox, we will resend a copy though.

Oh… So sorry, I have the email. I thought you were contacting me via the DM facility on this forum. Thanks for your help. I believe I have all the right information now.

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