RemNote & iCloud?

After reading so many horror stories about users losing data on RemNote, my biggest fear is the same happening to me, as my life’s long time work is on there.

I was wondering if there’s anyway I can auto sync remnote with my apple iCloud to never lose any data? I know RemNote has its own cloud, but I want to store it on my own cloud without having to export anything.

Use a local KB and backup that folder?

This is all foreign language to me…

If you use the RemNote desktop app, you may create a local Knowledge Base that will not be automatically synced by RemNote, but rather stored in a folder on your PC. You may then manually backup that folder in any way you see fit.

Can you create a screen capture video of what that looks like when creating?

That’s a pass from me, since I prefer the web app. The process should begin from the sidebar - click your account name, then “add knowledge base”.