Remnote is my dream PKM, yet it's too slow! Am I doing something wrong?

This is in part a rant and in part a call for help.

Remnote has all the features I could dream of. Yet, recently I have been exploring alternatives because creating new Rems it’s frustrating.

When compared to any of it’s other competitors, Remnote it’s the slowest at launching, loading a database, searching and creating a new item. This is true for both the web interface and the macOS app.

To set things straight, this is what I travel on:

  • Internet connection is 100+ Mb/s.

  • A screaming M1 Max MacBook Pro, which chews through any task like it’s nothing.

I have tested my library loading times on any possible browser, and I’ve also tried starting from scratch.

Is the above reflected in anyone else experience?

I appreciate that this might sound like I am being to hard on this app, or asking for something it’s not supposed to deliver. Yet, I think we all agree on the fact that the number one requisite for a PKM system is speed.

A student needs to be able to input new information quickly and move on to the next thing. If the wait to getting started is a minute or more, it’s easy to loose momentum. PKMs, Second Brains or a note managing systems are supposed to be an addition to one’s life, not busywork. This is why I felt it was important to voice out my concern.

I love Remnote, I have been on board since the very early days. However, this app has been increasingly feeling more of an obstacle than an aid to my workflows.

You are not doing anything wrong. It’s slow. But i expect betterment in future.

To be clear, is it always slow or just for a little while after starting up? The latter is to be expected, but it becomes fairly snappy for me afterwards. If you get the chance, try contacting support using the “Contact Support” button accessible from the ? button in the lower right of the app so they can help or at least gather information about why it’s so slow for you.

I feel the same pain as you. After the 1.6 update it make me cannot use remnote for 3 months and become very slow. I think Remnote’s team can learn from Loqseq’s team. It’s really fast! And they fixed bugs regularly.

The user interface in general is very sluggish and there’s a lot of intuitive behavior when trying to navigate exclusively using the keyboard which gives it a much slower feeling. I love everything about the product except the text editor, which is a shame because if you have a text editor has the core component of your application, the text editor should be really slick. :frowning_face: I want this project to succeed!