RemNote not working

I am using the the desktop version of RemNote for a while now. Now it closes again and again after showing messages such as “Cannot access local Database” AND "The plugin “demo_window_manager” tried to access an invalid endpoint “getWidgetContext”.

Kindly look into this.

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Well: Uninstall + “Manual Cleanup” + Reinstall should work. I also managed to corrupt my RemNote and I fixed it with the above method moments ago.

Now, regarding “Manual Cleanup”:

  • Search for RemNote on your harddrive or “users folder”. I use Windows. I do not know where are the “cache files” for Mac. You will definitely find more folders, not just: “C:\Users<YourUser>\AppData\Roaming\RemNote”.

Probably you will be able to recuperate your notes, since they are synced with the cloud.

Okay! Thanks a lot E.Laszlo.
I will do that.

Please email support at