RemNote queue sync problems in mobile and pc

why doesn’t the state of my remnote queue not sync with my pc and mobile? Like if i have reduced the number from 1400 to 1193, when i use my mobile an hour later, it should have the same number even after it sync completely and not revert back to original 1400; alhtough my pc queue state does not change; its for a particular folder and not global queue

This morning, while working in the Mac native app, I got the queue down to 102.
Later in the afternoon, I wanted to check a note while in my browser. When I opened RemNote in the browser, the queue appeared to say 305. There was no way I had over 200 Rems come due.
However, the browser page had defaulted to a document, not the queue. When I clicked on the queue itself, the browser refreshed and correctly listed 102 items.
What I suspect is happening is that the document page had cached the queue number from the last time I opened that document in the browser. That is, the queue does not recalculate until you specifically select the queue, especially if you are swapping between devices.

  • Does this match your experience?
  • Does the queue amount update if you, say, navigate to a document and then back to the queue?
    If not, can you describe what else you have tried to get the apps to sync?

The queue numbers used to be wildly different, with almost no accurate syncing of card completion times, and would only update after frustrating workarounds. But they seemed to have mostly resolved the issue across the various systems that I use regularly (Mac, PC, Chrome browsers, and Android apps.)

Nah mate its between browser on pc and app on my mobile

So do you mean an Apple mobile? Because that’s the only version that I don’t have.
However, as I said, I use the native apps on Mac, PC, and Android, and I have tried RemNote on browsers on all those platforms.
In all variations, swapping from one system to any other first appears to call the cache of the system I moved to, so the queue looks out of date. Switching to the Documents page and then back to the queue refreshes the number.

Have you tried this?

Updating all of your apps to the new version should also resolve the problem.

nah its android; i think its getting better in 1.4; the discrepancies are still there but it has significantly reduced (10-20 nowadays so its managable); and your method works too now (didnt do in previous version); thanks mate