Remote Error with Grammarly or Microsoft Editor Browser Extension

Is there a reason browser extension’s such as Grammarly and Microsoft Editor does not work with Remnote? See the following link for details on the mentioned issue. Any suggestions to solve this issue?


Grammarly chrome extension works, but it is very erratic and only one some blocks.
I have emailed the Grammarly support and am looking for their answer

Thanks, @Divyam_Shah. If you could, leave any updates here. Maybe others could provide some input. It would be great to reach a hassle-free Grammarly experience in RemNote.

LanguageTool’s browser extension works quite well compared to Grammarly in this scenario—give it a try to see if you like it (it’s free and works with multiple languages)

Vague reply that they will take time to look into this,
its frustrating