Rems on picture background


I don’t know if this is doable, because I don’t know about programming… but to better remember different connected ideas having a memory palace is very useful. This is used amongst other channels by Sketchy to remember bacteriology for example : for every bacteria they have a picture with different elements, and they zoom in the different elements to give more information.

So could there be one day a way to put an image on the background and add the rem on this image, it could be an extension of the use of the graphview which already exists. Where the different dots could be placed on the picture, and you could also click and zoom in. Like here : I found a picture to show it

The structure in paragraphs
1.1.1, because it is so similar from one course to the other is very confusing for the brain. Adding those images wouldn’t mean giving up the paragraph structure but it would make memorizing easier and more anchored, like having pictures of your past helps you remember the full stories that happened.

It would be fun also for certain subjects like history or geography to have pictures of Google earth/maps where your rems appear.

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