Request for new UI

I have been using Notion since 7 months now,being med student i realised that space rep is needed to memorise the facts.
But only thing that is bugging me is the UI of Remnote.It look kind of pale
You can increase the toggle size and also improve folder management
I have no doubt that the app is perfect but its just visual thingy

I could get behind this. There’s always room for improvement, but I recognize the complexity of remnote, and think that all in all they’ve done a great job at making it as simple and functional to navigate as possible! I’m not much of a designer, but I’d love to see some sketches or mock-ups for ideas anyone might have!


UI beauty is undeniably a work in progress for remnote. I recommend the solarize theme. (Link to post bellow)

Dark theme for RemNote inspired by Solarized Dark theme - Updated

Edit: I have modified this theme by changing the underline, bold, and italics colors and/or font weighting. I feel it lets the subject of the sentence pop out more easily