Resharing Function

I’m trying to figure out how sharing works on Remnote. One of the things is the resharing feature. As far as I understand, it doesn’t updates any public links I’ve sent specifically regarding the document/folder I shared, correct?

Sharing will generate a snapshot of your document/folder in its current state. Once shared, the published documents are referred to as Articles (that’s what the icon on the very top right calls them, anyway).
Edits won’t be synched to the Article until you Reshare the document or folder.
The Article’s link will always stay the same, whether you reshare, or you turn disable sharing off and then you turn it back on.
After you click to share or to reshare a document or folder, a pop-up appears. In here you can customize the visibility and import options of your article. If you changed your mind, click on Reshare and (un)tick the relevant options.