Resizing Queue Window makes the top of the window invisible

Per the title. I think the queue is offcenter after the official release. Resizing the queue window take up the whole space of the top of the window and makes a portion not visible while there is plenty of space below the window. I am not sure if there is a central location for 1.4 release bug reports. Please let me know if this is not the correct forum. Thanks

@hannesfrank @Karthikk I m not sure if this is on your radar yet. Could you please fix. See below… notice the top part or the window is not visible when enlarged. It is working good on alpha by the way but on the beta and new release it is off center. Thanks

I think @Moritz put the queue higher intentionally for better economics. It should never go outside the window though. Will fix and make sure the position/centering is customisable.