Review Heatmap - a visual of how you're taking on the queue

A monthly/yearly review heatmap would be great - just like the one in Anki made by Glutanimate!


Yes, that would be awesome!

I am not sure if this should be a builtin feature or a plugin but I’d like to be able to access card data via the API anyway. We could generate all sorts of interesting card and practice statistics.

Best thing we can do right now is look at raw exports card.json.


My heatmap from raw export built with python:

As you can see, I was not very active yet :sweat_smile:

I will put the code on Github somewhere and link in awesome-remnote later.


Aww man, that’s awesome! Thanks for all your amazing plugins and CSS hacks. They make the Remnote experience so much more fun!


That looks sick, wow! That would be great and I also fully forgot that this could perhaps be incorporated as a plugin as well if not as a built-in feature. I hope one of those are in the cards :crossed_fingers:t3:
Thanks for all your contributions!

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I was digging a bit around using the browsers DevTools :nerd_face:. You can insert a Heatmap directly into the stat page:

This is a one time action tough. You have to run a snippet manually each time you want to see it.


Would love to hear from developers about their plan to enhance card data and reviews schedules! Do we have any more information on when something like this could be available?


Almost a year since this feature request. Any news?


Hey Hannesfrank,

I am just wondering if you could show me how to insert a heat map into RemNote. I was reading the comments for this discussion and it doesn’t look like it has been made or it has not been explained properly. If you could get back to me that would be great.

Thanks, Ethan.

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I was wondering if there is another add on that the RemNote team can make that can make it visually appealing to see the days we’ve kept up with our cards. For example, one reason why I loved using Anki was the “heat wave map” where it colors in boxes as we study each day. I still love the “streak” incentive on Remnote but wish there was a way to see it in like an overview! It’s really motivating! Just a thought :slight_smile:


What I’d really like to see is a heatmap or even just stats for future queues. I don’t care so much whether I’ve kept up with the queue or how long I spent on each card, but I do want to know what kind of review load I have going forward. AFAIK there doesn’t seem to be a way to do this right now.

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Great suggestion! Hopefully we can hear back about this soon!

Such a heatmap or an area where you have statitical details about your flashcards or REMS, I would also welcome.

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